About Rygar Horse Transport

Rygar~ A partnership brought together from a common interest, simply the love of the horse.  Jeanne Ryan and Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia is a Cuban born  third-generation horsemen, in transportation for 28 years. Horses have been in his family’s blood for nearly a century. The Garcia cattle ranch has bred some of the best cow horses in Cuba. These horses defined working horses. Hector Garcia, Angels dad and traveling partner grew up working cattle in the jungle and mountains of Cuba. Horses and cattle are an ingrained passion for the Garcia family. However trouble in the form of communism came to the island of Cuba. Castro’s men enter the Garcia ranch and took it all.  Hector Garcia made the choice to save his family and prepared to leave Cuba for the safety of The United States. This came with the price, Hector was sent to a Concentration camp. For over one year Hector worked the toils of the sugar can fields, a punishment for any that wished to leave. One the eve of their departure to the US; Angel, only age five, feared that he would never see horses again.  He rode his father black mare, forAngel and Jeanne one last time, for one day and all night, Angel would not dismount his beloved horse.  Angel, his father,mother, and sister; made it safely to the US. 

Jeanne Ryan, daughter of Jack, a NYC Fire Fighter and Maureen, a nurse for decades, has had the love of horses since her early years.  Written in her baby book, her first sentence, “I want two ponies”, has been her motto for life.  At 14, her mom bought Jeanne her first pony, Shenandoah Corn Silk, from Kibby Schipper.  Kibby then invited Jeanne to stay with her during the summers.  Summers and weekends turned into a thirty year friendship.  Kibby, one of the east cost most respected pony hunter trainers, shared her vast knowledge of ponies to Jeanne.  At 16, Jeanne feeling the pressure of paying horse bill, took the entrance exam for the NYC Police Department.  After scoring in the top five percent, Jeanne entered the NYCPD.  In 1986, Jeanne walked into her first command.  An “A” house, the revered and feared 46 precinct of the Bronx.  Working in a radio car, handling 30 “911” calls a night.  Jeanne thrived on the adrenaline, seeing people of all typed of humanity, gave it her all to help those of the “Most Dangerous Square Mile in America”

Then came Motherhood, then came farm, then came ponies.  Breeding some of the best bloodlines of the UK and the US.  Jeanne bred Sham’s Navy.  Navy was shown at Dressage at Devon and pinned fourth in his class.  Quite the accolade for a young breeder.  Jeanne went on to breed ponies who have gone on to show at the Pony Finals, WEF and Devon.